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Roman siege works at Masada


 Geshur city gate

Working with Bethsaida Excavation Project to explore the ancient city of Bethsaida / Geshur. Using computer modelling to recreate the ancient city gate and design & develop a 1:100 scale museum model, laser cut from cork sheet.


 Dragon Slayer

A 3d print of the Dragon Slayer from the British Museum.

This carving shows a man and a mythical beast engaging in combat. The man, wearing a short tunic, stands astride the dragon's tail, grips its neck and thrusts a spear into its breast. This is likely to be an allegory of the human struggle against evil. The carving was found in the monestary of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England, where it may have been part of a doorway. AD1050-1500.

A podcast on my thoughts of the Dragon Slayer.